2 years ago 🥁 for day 214, 2020 with 472 words.

Saturday Update

Days sheltering in place: 138.
Exercise: On my feet all day.
Keyboarding: D E C, A.. B G, D E C, A.. B G, D E C, A.. B A Ab G, G Maj.

So lets see how I am doing from the list I wrote last night....


  • Fix the garden fence
  • Disassemble the downstairs couch, move upstairs
  • Move the Dining Table to where the couch was
  • Move Karen's Craft table & cubes downstairs
  • Put up the new shelves in the bedroom
  • Pump up the tire on my car
  • Replace the inner tube on my bike
  • Swap the wheels on my bike with Karen's old bike
  • Replace all the ant traps around the house perimeter
  • Put up the new outdoor security camera
  • Practice my piano work
  • Exercise (implied by all of the above)
  • Bills and reconciliation - started, not finished

Things still to do on Sunday

  • Clean Karen's old bike
  • List Karen's old bike for sale
  • Take out the trash
  • Trim the hedges
  • Water the roses
  • Bills and reconciliation
  • Claim two free burgers
  • Practice my piano work

Moved to Monday

  • Feed the new lawn food that arrived today to the lawn

Of course, I didn't expect to get everything done, but I need expect to make a big dent in the list knowing full well that there was Sunday for all the gardening related stuff.

Other things I did was watch the BAFTA TV awards and update the software on my Tesla. Well the car did that for me. It can now be configured for Polish as well as all the other languages it could already be configured for.

I also didn't expect one of the walls to not be flat which end up with an extra trip to the hardware store to get an extra expanding bolt. Luckily, I have two large stores within walking distance, but as it was 91ºF I took the car.

Having put up the shelves in the bedroom, we have decided that we need two more as one each is not enough. they are really picture display shelves, which can be used for displaying books too.

The lawn food treatment has been moved to Monday because I think you are not meant to water the lawn the day before and the day after to encourage the grass to absorb the "food". The sprinkler is set to run at dawn tomorrow and I can't be bothered to get out of bed to turn it off. Thinking about it now, I may have turned it off at the mains, in which case, lawn food will be back on the list on Sunday.

Oh, and I'm going bald, but that has been happening for years but today I finally decided to start doing something about it. More on that later.

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