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Mikel Jollett on Writing

Days sheltering in place: 47
Days to normality: 29 (at least).
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: Two (just).

Event that is happening today: Well naked gardening day happened but also the book reading and discussion with the author that we were supposed to attend in San Francisco this evening went ahead as a virtual event with the author - Mikel Jollett in his small home studio in the basement of his house in LA while we all sat at home and watched via video stream.

It was a fascinating talk and I look forward to receiving the book - Hollywood Park when it arrives in the post.

It didn't take six months to write as he expected but three years instead. One of the interesting insights to his process was that he would spend 5 hours a day - with a target of 1500 words - but only if he had read for four hours the previous day. His viewpoint being that to be a good writer you have had to have read a lot of good writers first and in 3 years reading 4 hours a day 6 days a week - he rested one day per week - he read an awful lot of books.

He also wrote a lot of notes. Only for his own needs. He spent three days writing about everything he could remember regarding his high-school, teh people, teh buildings, the smells, etc before writing about that period of his life. That way, when he came to write it was as if he had recently experienced it all and was re-living it in all the details as he wrote about it without having to struggle with how to express something.

If the book is half as good as his songs it's going to be great.

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