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Run To The Beat

Back in 2000 I owned the domains Run2TheBeat.com and RunToTheBeat.com with the idea of building a web site to solve a particular problem that I had run into. I never did build the web site, but I did sell one of the domains to somebody else with a similar idea. BTW: Run2TheBeat.com is currently available if anybody wants it.

I had started to run. Not voluntarily you understand. Somebody - who will remain nameless - signed me up for a combined sea swim / 5K road race. I'm not a fast swimmer and I had never run any significant distance in my life. Sure enough I came in last. The above not named person can in next to last so that was at least something.

Not to give up, a month later I did it all over again, and came in next to last.

After that I gave up the swimming part. I was never going to get anywhere as a breast stroke swimmer anyway. I concentrated on the running. Living in the Caribbean at the time and there were 5K runs most months and a few 10K runs each year.

I had a huge problem with running - other than needing to get fit and lose weight - it was boring, as boring as boring can be. I had a portable CD player, they tend to skip if you are not careful. The iPod wouldn't be released until Oct 2001, but there were other MP3 players. The Rio PMP300 had been around since Sep 1998 and the Creative NOMAD series of MP3 players were available around this time. At a computer show I picked up a Nomad II.

With the boredom problem solved by having an MP3 player I set about finding the right music to run to. This was going to be essential.

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