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Robots Are Coming

Days sheltering in place: 168
Exercise: 2 mile'ish walk
Keyboard: I fumbled on the keys

You've probably heard that before, that the Robots are coming, and when they do we'll either all be out of a job or the SkyNet scenario and we'll all be dead - well not Sarah Connor obviously. If you look at any modern assembly plant of late - especially TESLA - you'll know just how automated, it is.

An alternative version is that when the Robots come, they will bring music.

Exhibit 1

The only robots that I have are of the house cleaning variety. I have owned a Roomba for quite a while and it may be dumb as can be vis-a-vis optimal cleaning route, but why should I care if it takes 2 hours to vacuum a room that I could do in a few minutes. I'm not doing it, the robot is. It doesn't get bored, or tired, just trundles on with its job happy as can be.

Press the button, go out, come home to a clean house. Simple.

Yes, you see, the problem is that robot vacuum cleaners are noisy. They are vacuum cleaners after all, they suck, need motors and bump into stuff.

Today, a new robot arrived today for our household. A floor washing robot. I've seen these in action and this weekend buying one came high enough on the ToDo list that it was a done deal.

The difference with the floor washing robots is that they are almost silent. You really can't hear them doing their job. First test pass today, it did a great job. Tomorrow it will clean some more. But first it is on charge, possibly dreaming of electric sheep.

I have a household of happy robots it seems.


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