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Exercise: Dancing?
Piano Song of the day: Minuet in G (in C), Right Hand with a even more left hand action

I played my minuet with the speakers on today - I normally wear headphones, but it's the weekend - later Karen admitted that she couldn't get the tune out of her head, such an earworm that it is. I'll take that as a sign of progress even though I didn't play any better today than I did at midnight last night.

I attended a live concert today. The concert was at the O2 in London, which as I'm in California you can guess that I didn't attend in person, but via livestream. The band also arranged a zoom call for the 400 or so people that signed up for it and projected grids of zoom video on monitors so that they could see how was watching.

The concert was in aid of their road crew who have had no paid work for the last 15 months. They should get some more work - finally - this summer and through 2022 as things start to open up and we can have concerts again.

Of course, it wasn't as good as being there in person, but a big screen and a decent sound system and we did well. We have tickets booked for November '21, April '22 and May '22 to see them anyway so normally will be restored - as soon as we can work out what is normal, anyway.

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