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Exercise: Yes, no not saying.
Keyboard Practice: Touched the keys.

People have mixed feelings about Facebook and with good reason. I use it less and less myself but do use it to keep in touch with old friends in the UK, and people I went to school with - at the various schools around the world I attended.

I will always be a fan because I met my wife on Facebook. OK, that’s not the whole story, I met my wife in 6th Form (High School) in Germany, we didn’t get together then, date or possibly ever speak to each other. But we were in the same school and knew of each other. Still, many many years later we found each other on a facebook group for our old school when somebody mentioned the School Disco at Friday Lunchtimes - of which I was one of the DJ’s.

But that was not what I intended to write about, but a happy memory when I think of Facebook. It was both of ours favorite school and I’m still in touch with my friends from 6th Form, whereas I’m not in touch with friends before that or from University.

What did I come to write about, maybe I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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