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Report From The Colonies

Exercise: Household Maintenance
Piano Song of the day: Sonate 11 - Mozart (both hands 119/136 notes)

I little closer, an extra three notes. The thing is I only know what two of those notes are - an F & G - and I have no idea what the extra note is. Each day I tried to add at least an extra note or chord for my left hand (I have all the right-hand notes extremely well-practiced, which doesn't mean I don't make endless mistakes, but I know all the notes I am meant to play). Today I threw in a couple of extra notes and half an hour (or so) of practice and I nailed them. Still, a long way to go, and progress is slow, but progress occurs.

Happy Independence from America day - or as the brits would say (about Trump at least) good riddance. I remember the days when the American influence in the UK was limited to movies and TV shows (the likes of Million Dollar Man, Charlies Angels, and Starsky & Hutch). Then we got Mcdonald's and it was the being of the end. Now Britain is just like an outpost of America in many ways. Thankfully we still have great TV which we export to the US, and they then copy all of our ideas and dumb them down for their local audience. The American influence on UK culture is actually quite shocking.

Meanwhile, reporting here from the American Colonies... things seem to be generally OK. There is a new chap in charge who seems to be up for the job, unlike the previous one who did seem like a bit of a plonker. There is a lot of partying going on tonight, with lots of fireworks but word on the street is that they are still drinking tea, so at least there is some modicum of good taste here.

Today was household repair day. The ants are back. The plumbers I hired did a crap job last week so I redid all their work with the new bathroom taps and painted the inside of the bathroom cabinets. They really do seem to have been a bunch of cowboys.

I also replaced a couple of smoke alarms. NB: Don't buy a house with vaulted ceilings if you don't like heights. 16-20 foot ceilings are all very nice, but that's where the smoke alarms are. I have a long ladder, and toolbelt, and a fear of falling.

More caulking - see comment above about ants - and I replaced the perimeter boric acid-based ant traps.

Despite the fact that there is a ban on fireworks, the members of my city have worked out that if everyone sets them off at the same time, the city police have no chance of actually catching anybody, so $1,000 fine or not it will be fireworks until midnight at least.

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