1 year ago 🥁 for day 195, 2020 with 209 words.


Days sheltering in place: 119.
Ants in the kitchen: NONE.
Keyboarding: a little westworld chopsticks.

California has closed down, again before it is too late. Given the infection to death time period is 25 days apparently, it is possibly too late. No wonder Mexico closed their border. There is little hope for Florida, glad I don't live there. If I did I would be going west right now. If I could, I would be going to Wales instead as they seem to have a good grip on this.

This morning the datacenter support team that kept me up to 3am this morning confirmed they had fixed the problem, which means that they had caused it in the first place. Remember they told me on the phone that they had not and then to justify their position, documented in the ticket that they had informed me that the change they made at the moment our servers went offline was of no consequence and the fault was obviously outside their center. Muppets!

Now I await their Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report where they somehow manage to claim that it was no big deal and they promise not to make the same mistake again.

Time to move datacenters, I think.


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