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Notorious RBG

Exercise: shopping, shopping, shopping.
Keyboard Practice: Perfecting Sonata.

If you use Apple devices you are probably know that there are new versions of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS. I’ve been a beta tester for iPadOS 14 and it was been pretty rock solid for me so I would happily recommend people upgrade, especially if you have an Apple Pencil as support for handwriting recognition (AKA: scribble) is supported almost everywhere.

Some of the more interesting things are on the AppleWatch - not the new series 6 version - but the software updates. Yes the series 6 comes with a faster processor, brighter screen, a blood oxygen monitor, new straps and most importantly of all comes in a nice shade of blue to complement @Fiene’s hair, but back to the software.

Do you wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you wore an AppleWatch you probably would. You don’t have to start a timer, it detects the hand washing motion, the sound of running water and starts the timer for you. Then gives you an haptic tap on your wrist to confirm the 20 seconds are up. The software also reminds you to wash your hands when you come home.

Now, when they announced these features at WWDC in June I thought, yeah right. By the time these features are released in September they will have missed the boat. Little did I realize.

Want to know what else it does: Apple Watch Series 6.

Disclaimer, I own Apple stock and am a happy user of lots of Apple Devices.

RBG: No not Red Blue Green, but Ruth Baden Ginsburg. If you live in the USA or know anything about women’s rights you know who that is. If you haven’t already go watch “On the Basis of Sex”, buy it if you have to. It’s a sad day for America.

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