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Could It Rain Please?

Words, words, words, words; words. Every day I turn up and type them. Today I'm all sniffles and feel like lying on the floor and hoping everything will just go away and stop bothering me. I tried it, nothing went away, although I did feel better for it. My wife questioned why I was lying on the floor and I don't think I convinced her that I found sitting up in my chair too exhausting as an adequate explanation.

I think I have a really bad case of hayfever. Having just checked, surprise surprise the tree pollen count is high. Every tree around here is full of blossoms.

If I had a fever I would be seriously concerned that maybe I had picked up the Corona Virus. Recently I have been to a few places with lots of people - go-kart racing, movies, supermarkets etc - even though I generally work from home.

But, I don't have a fever and although everything else feels like I have the flu, the body aches, stuffed up head, running nose, itchy throat, etc, the lack of a temperature tells me that it's just pollen so while it makes my life miserable, and has been doing so since my A-Levels, it will pass, and I'll live,

It's times like this that I would actually be happy if it rained.


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By Yorick Phoenix 🥁

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