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Radio Radio

Exercise: Gardening.
Keyboard: Sonata in the Dark / BoRap in the Light.

Only three bum notes playing my Sonata without looking at the keys. Not bad for a first attempt, I'm going at assume at this point that I can get better.

One of the first things that you discover when you come to the USA is that music radio is generally garbage. Sure we have decent talk radio like National Public Radio (npr) and you could probably pick up the BBC World Service if you tried. But mainstream music radio follows a formula, that is dictated by the record companies - who are basically paying for airplay - and is boring and rubbish.

If you grew up listening to great stations like Caroline, Luxembourg (208) both sadly gone, Capital Radio (194), late night BBC Radio 1 and Hilversum you probably have some kind of idea of what I consider good stations - or what were good stations in the 70's & 80's.

If you live in a University town you may find a good college station that you can listen to, or if you are really lucky a good independent station

Thankfully we have the Internet which means we can have internet stations and we can also listen to decent stations from other countries. I used to listen to Capital Radio (a London station) which sitting in California plus I still miss John Peel's nightly shows on Radio 1.

Back in my teens I used to be a DJ, and maybe I'll do it all again in retirement, just on the internet probably and if anybody tunes in great, if nobody does, it'll still be great but everyone elses loss for not doing so.

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