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R.J. Mitchell

Days sheltering in place: 116.
Ants in the kitchen: too many.
Keyboarding: Full production live on skype.

Someday, I'm going to build a plane that will move just like a bird.
          - R.J. Mitchell

Ask any Brit to name their favorite aircraft and they will give you one of four different answers. I can almost guarantee what the answers are, and I can also with certainty tell you the top choice.

This is almost, but not dissimilar from asking any Brit the most important event of 1966. It doesn't matter if they were alive in '66, but if they know anything about that year, they will pick one event, and they will be right.

What I want isn't as easy as all that. It's got to for 400 miles per hour, turn on a six pence, climb 10,000 feet in a few minutes, dive at 500 without the wings coming off.
          - R.J. Mitchell

The answers to the aircraft will be one of the following:

4: Concorde (sorely missed, and the most beautiful jet airliner ever)
3: Avro Vulcan (also now surely missed from the skies as no flight worthy ones remain), see related post here
2: Avro Lancaster (as flown by 617 Squadron, AKA: The Dam busters), thankfully two are still flying. Note: The same 617 Squadron later flew Vulcans and both aircraft we designed by the same engineer.

But, it isn't exactly a bird I'm creating, is it? At least, a curious sort of bird. A bird that breathes fire and spits out death and destruction.
          - R.J. Mitchell

Second on my playlist of songs for my friend was one by Public Service Broadcasting. A trio who take old Public Service Broadcasts and set them to music.

Here is the engineer of the #1 airplane (I can guarantee it) set to music by PSB, you can listen here as he describes the aircraft he is building.

NB: re: 1966, England won the Football World Cup, and we haven't forgotten that, mainly because we haven't won it since, which really is because we used to actually be good at football back in the 60's.

#1: It is of course a Supermarine Spitfire, the Spitfire Bird!


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