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Days to COVID Maxination: 8
Exercise: Walk around WalMart
Piano Song of the day: Burn (by somebody)

If you have an Apple Device, any device, go update it. Yes, right now. Go on, just do it. I don't care if it's an iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, iPod, homePod, AppleCar, macBook or AppleTV, go to System settings, general, software update and update the device.

There are many reasons for this, the primary one is the security updates. This latest round of updates contain a bunch of fixes that are being exploited in the wild right now, so this is your chance.

Another good one is that you can turn off application tracking. System Settings > privacy > Tracking. Turn off the ability for apps to track you, or even ask to track you.

A third good reason is that if you own an AppleWatch and have an iPhone with FaceID you can now have your device unlock even when you are wearing a mask, as long as you are wearing your AppleWatch that is paired to your phone. As we still need to wear masks when shopping and as my grocery list is on my phone this is a huge benefit, at least for me.

Also, if you have a recent iPhone and an AppleTV you can use your iPhone to color calibrate you TV. This makes a subtle change, but a change for the better and the colors displayed on your TV now match what was intended by the video author and not what was intended by your TV manufacturer.

Also, backup your data, please!

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