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Prom Bucket

Exercise: Shopping.
Keyboard: Everything Christmasy.

Prom: noun: a concert of classical music at which part of the audience stands, in particular one of a series of concerts performed annually at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


Prom: noun: a paved public walk, typically one along a waterfront at a resort

Both are short for Promenade.

Promenade: adj: take a leisurely public walk, ride, or drive so as to meet or be seen by others.

Thus you Promenade on the Promenade. Generally on the seafront, or if in London, the Embankment - unless you are attending the other kind of Prom, in which case the Royal Albert Hall.

Except of course in the USA…

Prom: noun: a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the academic year, typically for students in their junior or senior year.

I never went to my Prom. Mainly because not being American at the time we didn't have one and it was before the concept infiltrated countries outside the USA. Had we had one I probably wouldn't have attended anyway being the introvert that I am and very shy as a kid, unless I was the DJ, which was my kind of way with dealing with annual school events of this kind. Be in a band at school, or be the school DJ - I was both.

For those that don't know about the London Proms, and in particular the last night of the Proms.... YouTube to the rescue here is a nine minute except: Last Night of the Proms 2014. Please enjoy and see if you can spot your nations flag.

Now, that's my kind of Proms. I have yet to go to the Last Night of the Proms - although I have been to the Royal Albert Hall.

That's what bucket lists are for, of course.

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