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The name George Peckham probably means nothing to you. I would wager that almost nobody who reads this knows the person I am referring to, yet within his industry, he is as famous as you can get. I say "almost" because absolutes are a dangerous thing.

If I elaborated and said his nickname "Porky" you probably would still be absolutely clueless.

If I said "Porky Prime Cut" you would be forgiven for thinking that I was talking about some famous butcher, a purveyor of only the finest organic free-range grass pastured beef that there is to buy. You'd be wrong, but assumptions are easily made and it was a simple assumption to make.

If you work in the music industry, and you worked in it pre-CD's and MP3's and have ever looked closely at an original vinyl record - not one of those re-mastered ones - an original from the 70's or 80's you may have noticed something engraved.


If George "Porky" Peckham was the engineer who expertly cut the vinyl master disk for your album, this was his "signature". You'll find it on a lot of famous albums. He started work as a trainee at Apple Studies (The Beatles, not the California Company) and worked his way up from there.

He's retired now, so you won't find any new Porky Prime Cuts but as I listen to my back catalog of vinyl I always check.

Turns out he was in a band that supported The Beatles back when they were both unknowns and Paul McCartney had to borrow his amp. You can read more here


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