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Playing In The Dark

Exercise: 2 mile walk.
Keyboard Practice: Eyes closed sonata.

I've been practicing my keyboard playing with my eyes closed. This is the nearest I can get to "touch-type" playing. Yes, I could stare straight ahead but the temptation to glance down is too much, so I close my eyes, because that works.

Why, well a couple of reasons:

  1. How am I ever going to be able to read music and play at the same time if I look at the keys?

  2. How am I ever going to be able to perform in low-light conditions dictated by the necessity of playing large sell out concerts when I start composing and become a keyboard wizard that puts the likes of Wakeman, Emmerson, Jarre, and the guy who wrote the West World theme to shame.

OK, back down to earth. I know I must do this. But I also know that Jean-Michel also plays a whole bunch of his fast melodies with two fingers and having seen him live twice, I know he looks at the keys while doing it.

I also know that plenty of well know electronic genre hits are played with two fingers also so there obviously is no same in it if you can get away with it.

But first, reading and playing, then the "riding a unicycle while juggling trick" of playing with both hands independently.

Still I have a few decades left to achieve my goal, progress is slow, but apparently, it is progress.

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