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Pity The Three Day Weekend

Days sheltering in place: 106.
Days without ants in the kitchen: they’re back.
Keyboarding: I touched the keys.

Three day weekends are something to look forward to, but that’s not the case for everyone in the tech industry.

This weekend is one of those - 4th of July to be exact - except that it falls on a Saturday, so we get Friday 3rd July off instead.

It’s great to get an extra day off at the weekend, anything for more time off work - even if the entire country is doing the same.

Previously I worked all the public holidays I could. I wasn’t responsible for any kids, and would go to an empty office - remember offices - crank up the volume and treat it as a day of experimentation, checking out all the ideas I’d been wanted to look into, if only I was in a situation where I wouldn’t get disturbed. In exchange I would take off some random other day. I never wanted to be on holiday when everyone else was anyway. It’s much better going to the beach or some other location when everyone else is at work.

For some however, it’s not all champagne and chocolate cake. For some a three day weekend is not the time to look forward to. If you are responsible for any servers, three day weekends are the perfect time to upgrade them, modify them, switch them around or do any maintenance required. You know you have an extra day, a full 24 hours to get it all done without people depending on the servers being available. For these staff they won’t be at home relaxing, they’ll be dealing with servers somewhere into the early hours of the morning. The opposite is true if you work the servers for a retail establishment, instead you have all the extra traffic to deal with. I have a good friend who could never make any holiday parties because he was responsible for the Old Navy Servers.

We have a large release coming up this weekend. Why this weekend, see above, that’s why. Me, I’ll try to not get involved, but when it comes to the companies infrastructure the buck stops with me.


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