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Pictures Pt5

Days of COVID: 1 Year, 5 Days.
Exercise: None.
Piano Song of the day: I'm a believer (full speed).

I now understand why keyboatrd players sway from side it to side. It's to play those G, C & F Major chords. Swaying left or right helps me move the fingers of my hands in the right direction. I'm also happy to state that I'm finally starting to get a good feel for where I am without looking at the keys. My timing is of course absolutely awful, but still I paid my money, I plod on.

Once I had started to take photographs again, and had some of them framed I wanted to get photo's blown up into larger sizes. The issue was that my existing 1.4 MegaPixel camera was good for up to 11" x 14" photos but you really really couldn't push it to 16"x20" or larger.

Buying the new Canon Full Frame Digital DSLR (1D) was out of the question at $7K (in 20 years ago dollars), however, in 2003 Canon released their first Digital Rebel Camera (300D) which had a cropped sensor, came with a detachable 18-55mm lens and was only $1,000.


Plus it was 6.3 MegaPixels, I could go much much bigger with this camera, and I did. I got the camera and my prints got bigger,

Here is a picture I took using that camera of a house that was staged for sale. I also took the photo of the flower that was blown up, framed and was displayed over the fireplace - with the same camera.


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