1 year ago 🥁 for day 12, 2021 with 300 words.


Days of COVID: 302
Exercise: none
Welsh phrase of the day: Dw i ddim yn hoffi bwyta llysiau (I don't like eating vegetables)

A new book arrived in the mail, "Ask a Developer" by Jeff Lawson the CEO of Twilio. I'm a fan of the Twilio service - or was until they discontinued their fax service. Won't stop me from holding their stock for the long haul though. As a company that is dependent on developers using the API I have always found that they had the right idea as to how to treat us (developers that is). CloudFlare is similar. There are many companies that seem to treat developers as people to be sold to not people who should be encouraged and evangelized. This was an important point that Guy Kawasaki understood when he was Apple's original product / developer evangelist. I'll let you know what I think of the book later and whether it gives Developers a fair wrap.

Welsh is a very old language and like all have to incorporate words from other countries or literally invent new words for things as they get invented like computers, cellphones, microwave ovens. The French have to do the same as they really detest having to use an English word for something.

How do these words get made up, well, it would seem that a bunch of people sit together and literally invent what they think is a good word for Ambulance etc.

The Welsh word for oven is popty, and I know what you are thinking the Welsh word for microwave oven must therefore be "popty ping", but sadly it isn't, it's meicrodon (meicro = micro, don = wave).

Of course it never stopped people calling a microwave oven the popty-ping, because it's too much fun not to.

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