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Pictures Pt9

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Karen was really happy with her new Camera, but I knew that it was not going to be enough. Sure it was 16 Megapixels and it had 42x optical zoom but at ƒ6 a slow lens, and something very important was missing.


No through the lens viewfinder. Karen of course didn't know this was important. All the digital cameras she had had she framed and focused using the screen. Be it her compact Kodak, this Canon or her cellphone. Sure disposable film cameras had a viewfinder but not a TTL (Through The Lens) one.

Given how good her photos were with this camera, what were the possibilities if I got her a real camera.

So, when the black Friday sales came around in 2015 I noticed Canon having a package deal on a refurbished camera (T5i), plus 18-55mm kit lens and 55-250 zoom. This was it. This was going to change everything. I real professional (or semi-processional) camera, with better sensor, much better glass and TTL viewfinder and focusing. I took to back to Wales for Christmas as a surprise.

Karen was really happy, but unsure about all this looking through the viewfinder stuff. Still it didn't take long. Here is one of her earliest shots (January 3rd) - image #21 (and I took the first few to test the camera).


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