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Pictures Pt8

Days of COVID: 1 Year, 8 Days.
Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: Stay with me (struggling)

I had an iPhone 5, Karen had a cheap Kodak point and shoot and some old Android Phone (HTC I think). Karen always wanted to do more photography but didn't know how. I had the advantage of two years of photography classes at school. I had learnt about framing and perspectives, portraits etc. Also I had practiced taking photos for decades.

The mobile phones and compact point & shoot weren't cutting it. She wanted something better than her Kodak. Knowing full well that what Karen needed was a DSLR, but she wasn't having any of it - nor could she afford a DSLR anyway - I researched plan B.

I convinced her to go for the middle ground, knowing that if she was good, or could get good we would end up with a DSLR I suggested a sub-compact fixed lens camera that had decent glass, 42x zoom - so it could go from wide angle 24mm to telezoom 1008mm (if you could hold it still) - came with both automatic modes, autofocus and full manual override. She could learn all about the exposure triangle (film speed, aperture, shutter speed), framing, etc. The camera we picked out was the Canon SX520 HS.


I was used to using a Canon camera from the Digital Rebel so I knew the controls and what they did. After a while, and a lot of experimentation, Karen got the hang of it and started taking lots of photos of our travels. Half the photos in our home she took, and not because I'm being patronizing because it's our home. She takes the better photos.


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