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Pictures Pt6

Days of COVID: 1 Year, 6 Days.
Exercise: None.
Piano Song of the day: Don't know yet (Piano less after writing)

With my new 6.2 MegaPixel camera I took photos all over the USA and Canada, travelling to Banff, Austin, the Grand Canyon, Arches and many other places. It did well.

Then I had kids and it really came into it's own. My this point I also had a Palm Treo phone, replacing my own Nokia "candybar" phone. It was the first phone that I had that had a camera. 640x480 resolution (so 0.3 MegaPixels) but it existed, and it could shoot video too.


And because it only had a rear-facing camera, it had a mirror next to the camera so you could take selfie's (which weren't I thing in the early 2000's), but it was there should you need it.

So for very low-res snapshots and video I used the Treo and for quality photos, especially of the kids, I used my Canon DSLR.

And that is the way it stayed for many years. Sure I replaced the Treo with a iPhone 3GS, which had a 3 MegaPixel rear-facing camera - still no good for selfie's - and a big improvement over the Treo. The iPhone 3GS didn't shoot video though, and at that time there was no cut / copy / paste. Also that camera was not a viable replacement for a DSLR.

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