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Pictures Pt26 - Poppy

Days to COVID Vaccine Part 2: 9 Days
Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: almost all of some James Blunt number

This is the last of the large photos in the house that were taken by either myself or Karen. The large ones tend to be 16" x 20" in a 20" x 24" black wooden frame (maybe slightly larger).

It hangs in the bedroom and I wake up every morning to its joyous colors to welcome in a new day.


You know when taking photos often you take it and think it won't amount to anything. Maybe as you were taking it the wind blew what you were photographing so it was either definitely not in the frame, blurred or out of focus.

Sometimes you take photos that you didn't realize that you even took a photo only to discover something on the SD Card that you don't remember, but think is quite appealing.

This is one of those photos. It's a California Poppy - for those that don't recognize it - I don't know which camera was used, or which iPhone, or where exactly, but I do know that it was never perceived this way, but with movement of the plants and a very narrow depth of field you never know what photons the camera sensor is going to capture for you.


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