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Pictures Pt21 - Zabriskie Pt

Days to COVID Vaccine Part 2: 15 Days
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Todays framed photo is the second large photo in our home and was presented to Karen shortly after the previous one in yesterday's post. It is hung in the craft room above her interlocker machine.


It was taken - obviously - in Zabriskie Pt, the famous "stop here and take a photo" stop in death valley. Also the "if you are going to hike from here, do it early in the morning, take a map and plenty of water because people die" spot.

We stopped on our way back from the Dr Who convention in LA heading north to Reno, mainly for the wildflowers in Death Valley, but you have to stop and play tourist and take photos. It is actually a wonderful place for taking photos of the rock formations, and we took plenty.

Afterwards Karen was taking a photoshop course and needed a photo to convert to black & white (or technically greyscale). She had tried many but couldn't find one that looked good converted. I explained that if she switched her monitor to monochrome then looked at her photo library it would be easier. The photo that looked best in black & white would likely stand out, and this was indeed the one that caught her eye.

In monochrome, with it's Ansel Adams look, I had it printed - 16” x 20” - mounted and framed without Karen knowing as another surprise and boy does it look good.

We have no idea who the women in the shot is, just some random stranger that ads atmosphere. Karen didn’t even notice she was there at the time.

Best of all, while we took lots of photos with our DSLR of Zabriskie Pt, the only one that has ever been printed, is this one, taken with an iPhone 6s.


iPhone 6s: ISO 25 | 1/1637s @ ƒ2.2

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