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Pictures Pt16

Days to COVID Vaccine Part 2: 20 Days
Exercise: 2+ mile walk
Piano Song of the day: Faded (by Alan Walker at 100%)

I finally cracked Faded at full speed, I tried at 80% and it was unplayable so I had to go for full speed. Thankfully the app that I am using allows you to rewind to any place in the song so if you continue to stumble over a certain bar or sequence of bars you pause, swipe back and hit play again. It is a really useful way to go over and over and over and over the bits where you are all fumbles and off-notes. Faded has a lot of thirds but some of the thirds are two notes from different octaves so you may be playing with you left thumb on a C of your right hand and the middle finger of your left hand. Or you pinky of both hands, and just when you have that cracked there is a chord change mid-melody to keep you on your toes. It may not be the nest tune to play on piano, but it is good practice of playing interesting sequences.

After renting camera bodies and lens for a couple of years it was time to upgrade Karen's camera and Christmas was coming (but black Friday was coming before that). Advantage of the upgrade being:

  1. Karen would get a better camera, dual focus pixels meant faster focusing plus 24.2 Megapixel sensor
  2. I would get her old camera
  3. All our existing lens, filters etc would work with both cameras

Given how many photos Karen takes she definitely deserved an upgrade. I wasn't to know at this time that we were going to have our subcompact stolen a few months later so it was handy that I upgraded before that.

To round it out, having brought the Prime lens for our Florida trip, it was time to stop renting wide angle lens and buy one, so I did and Karen got the wide angle for Christmas and the new camera (T71/800D) for our wedding anniversary three days later - I bet she wondered, is that it, when she only got a lens on Christmas day.

Of course when the lens arrived in November I had to test it to make sure that it worked just fine, so this is how I did it.


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