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Having rented a Canon T7i twice over the Oct 2018 through August 2019 time period along with the occasional Prime Lens, 400mm Super Telephoto, and various wide-angle lens it was time to stop renting and buy something.

But first we need to talk about that 400m lens. It's wonderful, it's big and it's heavy. Karen loves to take photos of aircraft - her Dad was an aircraft mechanic, she was in the RAF, the Red Arrows and Vulcan are big favorite planes. We go to airshows on a regular basis.

Thing is, aircraft aren't always close by, they are up in the sky, and they move fast. So you need the biggest, fastest lens you can get your hands on that you can carry, and afford. I can't afford the 400mm.

What some people do is use a 70-200mm lens + 2x convertor. The Canon 70-200mm is a standard lens that a lot of photographers use for sports photography. I can't afford one of those either.

But I can afford a 300mm as long as I don't get one made by Canon and it doesn't come with image stabilization. I could afford a Tamron 300mm, which is exactly what we brought and then used it for the Bournemouth Airshow in the UK - where it did well.

Next year we were back in the UK for the biggest air show held, and the day before the lens died. You'd wonder, how can a lens die, well, it turns out there are a lot of electronics in lens to control the aperture, focus etc, and things can go wrong. You can even get firmware upgrades for your lens.

Thankfully we were in Cardiff, and the city has a really good camera shop with second hand lens and bodies. We walked and walked out with a used Canon 300mm with image stabilization. Day at the airshow saved - except it rained a lot - and we still only had the one camera.

When we got back to the US I had the lens serviced and repaired under warranty and then sold it. It served its purpose for the short while we had it.

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