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Pictures Pt13

Days to COVID Vaccine: 2
Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: Fade (by Alan Walker)

Having cracked Stay with me at both 80% and full speed I actually prefer it at 80%, it sounds better that way. I followed with a quick rendition of "Born in the USA" which is really simple and now attempted Fade (or Faded) which is actually quick tricky.

Having rented a spare body (T7i) and I think wide angle, I brought us a 50mm Prime Lens as they aren't that expensive. The disadvantage of a prime lens is the single focal length - no zoom, no wide, you perform those actions using your feet. The advantage of a prime lens are many:

  1. You are forced to use your feet and get closer to your subject matter than zooming in
  2. You don't suffer from barrel distortion or the other effects of a wide or zoom lens
  3. They are very fast, that is they let in a lot more light than a normal wide or zoom
  4. They have a very natural look to the photos

Many people use a 50mm prime lens for street photography as they generate an image that closely matches what the human eye sees. The photos look very realistic.

But there are other uses. The speed of the lens (ƒ1.8) means that you can use a smaller aperture to get a bigger depth of field or you can use a faster shutter speed, or a slow film speed. The end result of this is that you can easily get a very narrow depth of field with a fast shutter.

Such as this shot of the tops of coke bottles I took at Epcot.

coke 1/80s / ƒ2.8 / 50mm / ISO 125

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