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Pictures Pt12

Days to COVID Vaccine: 3 (Maybe)
Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: Stay with me (still getting there at 80%)

I may have COVID, or I may just be sick. Of course when you get sick right now you instantly think, COVID. Well I feel sick, and I haven't lost my sense of taste yet, my tounge feels a little odd and I have sweats, but my temperature hasn't gone above 99.1°F (you do the math if you want it in C, I'm sick).

If I do have COVID this is going to scupper my Vaccine. In fact, even if I've got a plain old cold or something, I'm going to have to cancel anyway.

Meanwhile back in the world of photography. We now have a good DSLR camera and a couple of lenses (18-135mm and 55-250mm, but imagine stabilized). But there are two of us. So only one of us can use it at a time. So we share and use our phones when the other person is using the camera - which as pointed out can often generate the better photos as there is all sorts of angles you can get with a phone that aren't so easy with a DSLR.

When we go on a road trip, or any extended vacation (remember those) we solve the problem by renting a second body and extra lenses.

We first did this with our trip to Washington, DC where I rented the same body, lens and an extra wide angle to play with, then again for our trip to Tahoe only I upgraded to a T7i to test it out, also with a wide angle and also a 50mm prime.

The interesting thing about renting camera bodies and lens is you can try anything you want just to either experiment or try before you buy, whether buying new or second-hand.

Sometimes you really just want to try out that $2,500 100-400L professional lens because you want to stand new the runway at San Francisco Airport and take photos, so that's exactly what we did one weekend. It's a very big, expensive, a great lens.


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