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Pictures Pt11

Days to COVID Vaccine: 4
Exercise: Gardening, Home improvement
Piano Song of the day: Stay with me (getting there at 80%)

I was awake at 6:30 this morning, should we buy the house we looked at yesterday or not, arrggghhhh!!!!!!

We lost the 18-55mm lens and if you know anything about DSLR's, there is a reason that the kit lens that comes with the camera is this one. It's because it is a very useful lens. 50mm is about how the eye sees things and any number less than that is wider. This gives you a lot of flexibility, except for zooming in on a distant object, which is where our 555-250mm lens comes in. The smaller the number the wider it is, the larger the number the more zoom you have.

So I needed to replace the 18-55mm because we really did need to go wider than 55mm. I was researching a replacement when a photographer friend suggested that we get what he has which is a 18-135mm lens. This gives you everything from wide (18mm) to some zoom (135mm) without having to change lens. Which makes it a great lens for everyday use. You can zoom out to get a whole room in a picture and you can zoom in to get a close up on a single individual without changing lens.

Of course, different lens do different things and you can get different effects from them. YOu know how they say the camera adds 10lbs, well they are right, if you are using a zoom. You can get the same shot from further away that you can from standing near the subject just by using a zoom lens, but a couple of things happen.

  1. The camera adds 10lbs. That is everything gets stretched a little
  2. The distance between the subject and everything that is in front of them gets compressed. The distant mountain, is now right behind them
  3. The depth of field can get narrower, which is a good excuse to use a zoom when you need this.

Anyway, we brought the 18-135mm lens and it is now our go-to lens that is mounted on the camera as the default lens to shoot with unless we need a good telephoto or something else special.

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