2 years ago 🥁 for day 124, 2020 with 371 words.

Pictures of Lillies

Days sheltering in place: 48.
Days to normality: 28 (at least)
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: One (ut-oh).

You know that order of Toilet Paper that I placed on Thursday and then saw some in the supermarket that night? Well it is due to arrive on Monday. Well, was due to arrive as I received an e-mail from Wal-Mart today to let me know that it would be delayed - until when you ask, they have no idea.

The time for the drastic search for rolls is coming soon.

Bikes: Dane - 7.1 miles outside in the sun, up and down hills we went.

WestWorld III has finished - finally - and managed to get Brain Damage and the end of Dark Side of the Moon in there, which I at least enjoyed. I spotted the piano music as it became more and more apparent. Did this season make sense, possibly more than the previous. I gather that there is a series IV planned, which is unfortunately because I’ll have to watch it at this point. Nice reference also at the end of Season III to “The Man in Black” which is a character in the original book and original movie - yes there was an original movie, back in the 70’s I think.

I’ve been out in the garden again. This time with the hedge trimmer - yay, for power tools - to give my box-wood hedge a buzz-cut. It feels rather colonial to want to have a box-wood hedge (or privet) but I’m English and if nothing else it’s that little bit of England in my garden. The little bit of Wales is a Welsh flag that flys outside our house 24/7/364 (The English flag flys on St Georges day).

Also pruning my roses, which becomes a weekly task once they bloom although the first big burst of color has gone and now it will be short lived roses throughout the summer as really this is not the climate for them.

But something else is coming in it’s place, hopefully this week my Lillies will open and we’ll have a new splash of color to enjoy.


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