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Pictures Pt1

Days of COVID: 1 Year, 1 Day
Exercise: Went to the bank?
Piano Song of the day: I Have a Little Dreidel (attempting full speed)


I take photos. I have always taken photos since I was a child and had my own instamatic camera (see above if the link still works). I shot photos of our pet cat and maybe the tower bridge in London when I went there on a school trip. I'm not sure but I may have one or two of those photos somewhere.


Later I studied photography at school, back in the days when you developed your own film and made you own prints in a dark room. We shot in black & white, mastered the art of using a light meter for exposures and had fun messing with chemicals and solarization techniques.

While at school I borrowed by Dad's Camera occasionally but it was a viewfinder camera not an SLR like we used at school.


After leaving school I received a Zenith SLR Film Camera for my birthday which I used through college and on trips abroad. At some point the light meter broke and I just stopped taking photos.

I have a roll of 35mm film from a camera, which I don't know, and I don't know if it is unused or if it is used but undeveloped. One day I'll probably find out.

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