1 year ago 🥁 for day 80, 2021 with 263 words.

Pictures Pt4

Days of COVID: 1 Year, 4 Days
Exercise: 2+ mile walk
Piano Song of the day: I'm a believer (at 80% speed)

Having cracked "I'm a believer" at 60% speed, today's task was to crack it at 80% speed, which after two sessions - one this morning and another this afternoon - I did. Which means that tomorrow I go for full speed and battle on until I have it note perfect.

Having found my old point and shoot film camera from 25 years ago, and seeing that it was now worth much more than I paid - although, inflation adjusted about the same - I wondered if it still worked. It takes two AA batteries but having put two in, I wasn't sure if it really worked. I tried a set of batteries with no luck. Maybe it would need a roll of film. I have one spare roll of file (Kodak Max 400 ISO) but I didn't really want to load it in the camera.

Having watched a couple of YouTube videos and after an attempt to find a manual, I tried a different set of batteries and it worked. The winding mechanism worked, the flash worked. As far as I can tell it is a fully functional viewfinder 34mm ƒ5.6 compact film camera, with auto-focus. Not sure what I should do with it, keep it as it was one of the camera I used, or sell it on eBay.

Seems you can still get film developed, so maybe I should use my last roll.

Tomorrow, an upgrade for my Olympus fixed lens 1.4 MegaPixel DSLR.

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