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Phone Day

Days Sheltering in place: 23
Spare rolls of toilet paper: 5

16th of April 1995 was PhONEday in the UK, this was the day that all the area codes changed. The area code for Bournemouth 0202 changed to 01202, as did all the other area codes which effectively gave us nine times more numbers. Cellphones weren't common but increasing use of modems and fax lines was causing a problem. The country was running out of numbers. Twenty-five years later where everybody has a cellphone it seems the UK hasn't run out of numbers yet.

Today I had my own "Phone Day". I spent 8.5 hours on the phone in chunks of 3 hours, 3.5 hours, 45 minutes, and 75 minutes. I'm involved in a process that is trying to speed up what would normally take three months and complete it in an accelerated form in seven days. This involves being on the phone screen sharing for 8.5 hours. Yes, it's Coivid-19 related; I'm trying to do my bit within my area of expertise.

TLA's and buzz words were the order of the day. If I ever hear the word "narative" again and not in the context of WestWorld Hosts I'm going to scream.

Meanwhile I finished the Apple TV+ Series "Home Before Dark". It's well done, ended with the outcome that I wanted yet left me disappointing, even though it's what I was hoping for.

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