2 months ago for day 270, 2020 with 274 words.


Exercise: nope, it's Saturday.
Keyboard Practice: chilled out sonata.

I woke up on the middle of the night the other day (or rather night) and had difficulty getting back to sleep. This is unusual for me. While I may have difficulties getting to sleep - after all it is so unproductive and I have so much to do - but once asleep I am good until the morning light or eight hours have passed, whichever comes sooner.

In this case I was awake at 3 or 4am and couldn’t sleep because I was worried. I couldn’t figure out why - other than a whole slew of work related stuff, and I knew it wasn’t that.

It finally dawned on me that it was the dream that had me worried. I had dreamt that I was at the CloudFlare Internet Summit, an event that they hold each year and invite really interesting speakers from industry (including the president of Estonia, US Government Security people - who seriously know the sh*t that is going down that doesn’t make the press - and computer people like one of the designers of the ARM chip set — Sophie Wilson). There was nothing odd or weird about the dream, we were all sitting together in the audience listening intently the to speakers, mingling over lunch, networking etc.

So, why couldn’t I sleep?

None of us had been wearing masks. I had just exposed myself to a few hundred other people in close proximity, and everyone else to everyone else.

No wonder I couldn’t sleep, I was freaked out!


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