1 year ago 🥁 for day 141, 2020 with 296 words.


Days sheltering in place: 65.
Days to normality: Unlucky Days (at least).
Keyboarding: Dane
Sessions: Still Sticky.

Tomorrow’s suggested title: Upwards.

A friends birthday today was organized as a Zoom party. In advance we all received party gift packages with instructions not to open them until party time. They arrived at our respective addresses with at least 48 hours spare, any virus would die in that time period.

It lasted over 4 hours and started while I was still working which was OK and expected as I work from home. There were plenty of other people popping in and out of the call wishing birthday greetings. Karen - my wife joined in - and we hung out eating, drinking - me working a bunch - folding the supplied origami paper and having as good a time as could be organized.

Prior to the party I tried to up my game and quickly learn to play “Happy Birthday” on my keyboard. Remember I’m not pianist, I have no training or even a single real lesson so it was going to be relatively bad, and very plunk plunk plunk plunk with a single finger style rendition. I Think I memorized it enough through repetition to pull off something that wasn’t awful.

Tomorrow my “Grass Poster” arrives. Anyone on the call Friday morning gets to see it, also if you are really unlucky a rendition or arpeggio for your sonic displeasure.

I haven’t forgotten how to play Toccata or The West World Theme yet so more and more melodies are getting stuck in my head through repetition. I’m probably going to have to bite the bullet and buy a sustain pedal though if I get even a quarter good at this.

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