1 year ago 🥁 for day 156, 2020 with 263 words.

… on the moon

Days sheltering in place: 80.
Days to curfew ends: none, it's over.
Keyboarding: still nope.

The curfew was lifted today, in advance of Monday morning. Maybe the looters got bored, lazy, or moved on. I naturally assume that they are lazy otherwise they wouldn't be looters.

The shelter in place order stays in place - currently indefinitely - and given the way the numbers are rising in the USA, it's going to stay that way until we have a vaccine. I expect the rest of my concerts this year that haven't already been cancelled, will be.

I finished Space Force on NetFlix which turned out to be better than I expected. If you want something light to enjoy, watch it - just don't have high expectation. Or wait for @KTamas's recommendations at the end of the month.

My new drill arrived today, a day late, it's whizzy and green. Now I can finish drilling the hole in the frame of my bike for the pump mount - although I think I may have lost the screw.

Ahead of Monday's delivery my replacement espresso machine arrived and this time it worked. I spent some time adjusting all the settings to get the grinding the way I wanted and the pour the length I needed. The sample cup I tried was totally yum with no sugar required - which is a sign of good beans but especially a good espresso maker.

Roll on the weekend, but first reserve yourself eight and a half minutes and watch Casey explain something important.


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