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Of Mice and Macs

Apple are finally doing that one thing that everyone who seriously wants to use an iPad as a productive typing machine have been asking for for years. They are adding mouse support. They are sneaking it is an an "Accessibility" feature along with speech control. Personally, I don't care how they do it as long as they do it.

Apple executives often stated the reason they don't do touch screen Macs is because of the "gorilla arm" problem, yet they promote exactly that situation with the iPad + external keyboard setup.

Fingers are great for swipes, scrolling, tapping and general imprecise selections. They arn't for text selection, fine movements and numerous other things that a mouse is just perfect for.

A propped up iPad with an external keyboard and mouse could be a really productive environment as a writer - of prose or code - I finally may be able to use such a setup.

Also at WWDC Apple released a new Mac Pro. While it's not a machine I will ever use, it's great to see that Apple finally addressed the problems with the old Mac Pro and went back to the "cheese grater design" with lots of industry standard expansion slots. Macs have been the "go to" hardware for audio and video work until the "Trashcan Mac Pro" which looked cool, but according to many that used it, you'd get more done with a MacBook Pro.

They also released a new "cheese grater" monitor for the same industry which they made a stupid marketing blunder by charging a separate $999 for the monitor stand. Sure it's a $5K monitor that is apparently as good as a commercial $34K reference monitor but they are going to get ridiculed for not just making it a $6K monitor.

Of course if somebody wants to give me a new MacPro and matching monitor, I wouldn't say no.


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