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Of many things...

I finally put up the listing for the AppleWatch I photographed a few days earlier. My standard places are Facebook Marketplace (most success), NextDoor (some success) and CraigsList (used to be the place years ago but now is low success). I’ve used eBay in the past but really don’t want to deal with it. I increase the selling price by 10% to cover fees, offer free shipping to compete etc. Plus eBay is full of scammers who waste a lot of my time.

In a few hours I have received about 18 inquiries. Most of them low-ball offers, one showing that they could buy it new for what I was asking - except BestBuy is of stock and they forgot the sales tax - but I have a couple of hopefuls willing to pay full price.

This evening was spent at a Tycho concert. If you are a fan I congratulate you on your good taste, if you are not that’s OK Scott’s music isn’t for everyone. If you haven’t heard of Tycho check out the Awake album. As Scott (AKA: Tycho) is a Bay Area native we get to hear him (plus the rest of his touring band) often. This is my 3rd time. You often hear his music at Apple Events plus if you have done the AirPods Pro Ear Fit Isolation test, yes that is Tycho being used as the Leak Test Music.

On the way out of the fabulous Fox Theatre in Oakland I walked past the offices of BandCamp. That was a pleasant surprise. I’ve discovered many a good artist on their web site.

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