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Of many things

It's going to be one of the mixed up multiple topic posts about life (just life, not the universe or everything else).

Good Omens

Having finished Good Omens on Saturday my wife comment shortly afterwards "now I want to watch it all again", and you know what I felt exactly the same. It's only six hours of TV. We know the storyline so we can half watch and half do something else but keeping an eye out for the Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaimen, Hitch Hikers, Dr Who references along the way.

So, we started watching it again - we did finish watching Chernobyl first, go watch that if you haven't. We are re-watching one episode a day and it is just as enjoyable the second time around.

E-mail Migration

My E-Mail Migration from POP to IMAP is going well. All the E-Mail that I had on my machine (the last 10 years worth) is now migrated to IMAP (on a server somewhere, NZ perhaps, I'm not sure). Then I realized I had a problem. I decided that everything more than 2 years old really needed to be on a different server. I am now, slowly, migrating 80% of the stuff from the one IMAP server (where I have a limit on the amount of storage I use) to a different IMAP server (where I have unlimited space for the low-fixed fee, $9 a month for unlimited domains, hosting, e-mail, MySQL DB's etc on a shared server).

Once this phase is finished I'll dig out archives and start migrating the previous 10 years of e-mails from my POP archive to my new IMAP archive. I'll be sure to chose the right server this time.


It's getting hot. I'm having to run the A/C on occasion. I have my thermostat set to only turn on if it gets over 86°F (30°C) as an average temperature across the house. This basically means ~92°F in my office which is pretty much the threshold at which my computer starts to have thermal problems even with fans helping to dissipate the heat. The reason I am upset about this is that Tesla were fast at installing my panels + PowerWall, the City were nifty in coming out to inspect the work, but PG&E (the utility company) are being slow to sign-off - which really shouldn't be a surprise as it really isn't in their interests for me to stop buying their expensive electricity and start producing my own. Until they sign off, I can't turn on my panels.

[Another post tomorrow, hopefully better written]


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