11 months ago 🥁 for day 230, 2021 with 248 words.


Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: We Found Love (311/329 @ 80% speed)

Slightly better at belting out the Rihanna number, maybe I'll be playing some Britney next, you never know. I played all the notes that I intended to play tonight so that is good and I know where the missing 18 notes are and how to play them so that will be Thursday's challenge.

Today was a slightly orange day. The wildfires are still burning in California and there are new ones too. The wind changed direction so instead of blowing east it blew west and everyone in the bay area got smoked in. I went out to the bank and even if it wasn't for COVID you would still want to wear a mask out there. The air quality index was not good. You can check out yours from real local air quality monitors using purple air. Well not so much Europe, and definitely not Germany it seems, but everywhere in the USA.

Almost like a scene out of Blade Runner 2049 although not as bad as it was in September 2020 when the sky was bright orange, everything was orange from a lack of blue/green light breaking through from the sun, and it was a good 10°F cooler. And when I say sun, I assume it was still up there because there was no way you could see it today with visibility at about half a mile.

Tomorrow is likely to be the same.

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