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Not a fan of dark mode

On Monday WWDC starts with the keynote at 10 am PDT, during which it is expected that Apple will announce "dark mode" for iOS and lots of people will be very happy. I think it's rather meh. Dark mode that is. It's good to give people choices and some people may actually need it, but seriously it feels like I'm back in the 80's when I use it.

Maybe the problem is that Dark mode vs Paper white is like fashion, it goes in cycles. Youngsters of today get excited because they have never had Dark mode before. It feels new and exciting when really it is old hat and actually Paper white was new and exciting once, and a change for the better.

In the early 80's, before the Apple Lisa & Macintosh came on the scene along with other workstations based on the Xerox Star eg: Sun and Apollo Workstations there were terminals. The most famous of all of them being the DEC VT100 series and clones of it.

When you used a computer to connect to some timesharing system, or a personal computer - if you actually had access to such a thing - you had dark mode. The screen was a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), and was black. Characters displayed were likely to be green or white. If you were really lucky you had terminal that could display graphics. Again white lines on a black screen.

At Xerox they were working on the Star, it had a white screen that was graphical. The change from a dumb terminal to a paper white graphical screen was a major change. It was stunning and it was easier on the eyes. The contrast was much better. Then came the Lisa, the Mac, other workstations, Windows, phones, tablets, they all followed this pattern.

Then somebody, who probably wasn't even born in the early 80's and had only ever used a paper white display thought going back a few decades to dark screens was a great idea.

I've bbeen there, done that, not excited and I don't like it.

OK, admittedly when I use the Terminal app on my macBook or iPad I purposely run it with a black window and green text. It's a terminal emulator after all and should look and feel like the real thing. That is a decent use for dark mode.


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