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Exercise: Couple mile walk.
Keyboard Practice: IV.

Four years ago I was watching video comments posted on the now discontinued Beme app when I became very discouraged. In some ways from what they were saying but mainly the justifications they were giving it.

It was around this time of the evening (~10 PM PST) that I concluded that what I had been hearing was indeed what was going to happen, regardless of how much logic would be defied in the process. In the same way that people voted for Brexit expecting one thing without figuring out that that wasn't going to happen, ever, no matter how much they wanted it.

Now I find myself looking at the numbers, knowing with a pit in my stomach that what I said was always a distinct possibility, what I thought was always conceivable regardless of what you may have read elsewhere, or thought, or been told.

The numbers tell it all, you can add them up any which way you want. It doesn't matter which combination or permutation you chose, there is no denying the math.

Math is simple, math doesn't lie, you can believe in math, just like you can believe in science.

And thus, four more years of hell everybody.

As an American I apologise for the fact that a large proportion of of the population of this country don't understand the consequences of what they are doing. Any other time I wouldn't have questioned them for voting for their party's candidate, I would have appreciated that they took the time to vote. Not this time. Sixty Two million of you. How could you?

This time, their choice not only affects them & me, my kids, and the health and well being of everyone on the entire planet.

Maybe I'll wake up in the morning proven that I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

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