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No Mask on This Face

Exercise: 2+ Mile evening walk
Piano Song of the day: James Bond Theme (100%, note perfect)

As I learn new songs it is always interesting to see just how simple most of the melodies are, and the classic James Bond Theme is no exception. Sure it's the bass line that gets you dum dum duming along with the song and there is only 3 notes in it. but the way it goes up and down is wonderful and simplistic at the same time.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the USA, care of Dr Fauci, announced today that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear a mask indoors if they don't want to - with some exceptions: public transit, flights, and indoor situation where the owners say otherwise.

Of course this is going to get abused by irresponsible people who don't believe in the vaccine or wearing masks but that was going to happen anyway. For indoor concerts and the like their may well be checks to make sure you have proof that you were vaccinated more than two weeks ago etc. I'm not sure how that part is going to work exactly.

Yes, I realize that some people can't get vaccinated either because they are too young or they have valid health concerns that make vaccination dangerous for them.

Either way, it is a welcome step in the direction of new hope. Of course may people were wearing masks on the streets tonight - but not the majority - and everyone was wearing a mask in Trader Joe's - because it's a requirement.

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