4 months ago for day 150, 2020 with 233 words.

No Car

Days sheltering in place: 74.
Days to normality: 4 (at least).
Keyboarding: live rendition, with mild applause.

The car purchase finally fell apart today. The dealer offered to cover the State of California $2,000 rebate if they rejected my claim - 99% chance I suspected - but was adamant that as this was an ex-demo vehicle it would be treated as new by the Federal Government for tax credit purposes.

When you file for the tax credit you have to provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and check a box stating that it was “new”. As the purchase contract clearly stated it was “used” and reading the IRS guidelines indicated that there was no loophole I came to the conclusion that even attempting to get the refund was “Tax Fraud” and I wasn’t about to commit that.

I declined to buy the car and wished them well in finding a buyer who either didn’t qualify for the tax credit / rebate, didn’t need them or was willing to risk / lie about the purchase.

Now we wait for the Mini factory in Oxford to re-open and start marking cars again at which point we’ll order a custom one to the exact specification that Karen wants. Hopefully she’ll get it before the end of the year because she is not a happy camper - or Mini Electric Driver - at all.


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