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Everybody Happy Now

Days sheltering in place: 173.
Exercise: er, nope.
Ants in the bathroom: 0.

I sealed the edges of the large mirror in the bathroom and no ants since. We shall see.

Roombee (the vacuum robot) and Moppie (the floor mopping robot) did an excellent job after Husband (the box folding human) dealt with all the cardboard boxes. Karen assembled the large Alex draws and we have our dinning table back - the fact that the dining room is now the Etsy Craft Room means it really is the cutting table after all.

When I was 16 I failed my English ‘O’ level. As a decent grade in English and Maths is essential for decent job chances I took an extra year before 6th form ‘A’ levels to focus on my English. To fill out the year I also took statistics, commerce, economics & typewriting.

As this was a bunch of 16-17 year olds who had voluntary gone back to school it was a very small class of about 4-6 people. The English language teacher I had was brilliant. Instead of teaching a course based on required reading of such (boring for me) classics such as “Of mice & men” he asked each students what they liked to read and suggested classic books to match.

I said I was into science fiction so he recommended 1984 and Brave New World. I hadn’t read either and found them both fascinating. I think I had already read Fahrenheit 451 (Celsius 232 doesn’t quite the same ring).

I just started watching a TV series based on Brave New World and while it is as close to the book as West World is to that book (yes it was a book, and a movie before the recent TV series) by which I mean the underlying setting is somewhat similar but everything else in the storyline is new it is interesting nevertheless.

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