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Exercise: House and Garden Maintenance
Piano Song of the day: Stay With Me (Sam Smith: 177/177)

The piano teaching program I use on my iPad (Simply Piano) has special challenges every now and again where you have to learn and play four songs each week for four weeks. Today started the "Summer Challenge". Of the four songs, suggested I knew one of them - Stay with me - as I had learnt it previously. The arrangement presented seems slightly different from the version I had played before - simpler I think - nevertheless it only took a few attempts before I hit the magic 177 out of 177 notes correctly. Go me. The other three songs may not be so easy.

Today I finally finished the repainting of the walk-in closet. What started as just putting the wall back together where the plumbers had cut it turned into a complete repaint of the walls, and all the woodwork + plus putting the wall back.

I finished the painting yesterday but I still needed to put the poles back. Problem was that I wanted new poles. The existing ones had been painted with some cheap flat paint which the clothes hangers scratched most of it off to the point that they took on the look of Casey Neistat's sunglasses.

I could buy replacement poles, but I could only find ones made of Poplar, not of Pine. The problem here is twofold. One, while Poplar is a good, non-toxic wood, it is quite boring and is also expensive compared to Pine. Pine has much prettier grain.

So, at Karen's suggestion, I came up with an alternative plan. For the same cost of the new poplar poles, I could buy an orbital sander and sand the old paint off, plus I would then have an orbital sander to add to my power tools collection.

So I did and had a bunch of fun sanding off the old paint, finely sanding down the poles, and putting them back in the closet. There was only one mishap where a splitter went in my finger, and out the other side. Yeah ouch and there was no way to pull it back out, so with some tweezers, I tightened all my muscles and pulled it through so that it was out the other side.

Photos are on the Chatty Writers telegram group - of the finished closet, not of my impaled finger.

Speaking of Orbital, here’s the band closing out Glastonbury with a very special guest.

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