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New Keyboard

A new keyboard arrived today. Not sure if I’m going to keep it or not. We’ll see. It’s the Logitech K780 that I think @chris mentioned in one of his posts.

I generally use an original wired extended Apple Keyboard. It has the same key travel as the original MacBook Pro, unlike the newer Magic Keyboard 2 which has the same travel as the new 16” MacBook Pro, that is: a lot less.

The Logitech keyboard has great keyboard travel, which for somebody that pounds on their keyboard for 8+ hours per day is significant.

Pluses for the keyboard is that it supports multiple devices. I can use it with my MacBook and I can use it with my iPad. I am writing this post on my iPad using the new keyboard because that really was the main point of getting it.

The only disadvantages so far are:

  • It’s heavy and I tend to take a keyboard with me when I travel
  • the arrow key cluster is about the same size as on a laptop - smaller than a full size keyboard
  • the home/end/page-up/down key cluster are mapped to an overlay on the numeric keypad
  • it doesn’t have function keys 13-19 that a full size keyboard has, not that I used them anyway

Overall, at least for typing on an iPad, this is going to work well I think.

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