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Neil Himself

Tonight I'm off to spend an evening with my Wife, a good friend and Neil Gaiman. Plus a few thousand other people no doubt as I'm not that amazing that Neil asks me to dinner whenever he is in town.

I've saw Neil talk a few years ago at a similar event and found him is a wonderful entertainer with his readings and stories. There is something about his voice and the cadence of the way he speaks - kind of the same unique style that Michael Caine has, but different.

Once you have heard him speak, you naturally read it his books with his voice in your head. I find it works exceedingly well. Thankfully his audio books are read by him, just like most of the works of Bill Bryson are read by him with his own unique timing. Audio books that are not read by these authors do not fair so well, for obvious reasons.

I haven't read of a lot of his work having stumbled in to "stuff" originally when I ran out if Terry Pratchett books and found one that he had done with this "Neil Guy". That would be Good Omens which is quite brilliant and soon to be a TV series (on NetFlix I think, maybe Amazon, does it really matter?). I've never even read the famous Sand Man Series, but I have read Coraline and listened to his book of short stories (Trigger Warning).

I tried watching American Gods (NetFlix I think), but just couldn't handle it somehow. I tried twice and failed.

In person, on stage he is very good. If you haven't ever seen him talk check out his "Make Good Art" commencement speech he did a few years ago. I hope you'll find it entertaining.

And "Make Good Art" (does writing 300 words a day count?)


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