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Multinational Wall Calendar

I live in the US and I need a calendar that includes the US Holidays & events.

My parents, sister & daughter live in England so I need to have one that includes UK ones.

Also Daylight changes are different in the two countries. Mother's day is on totally different days - in a different month also; thankfully Father's day is on the same day.

My wife is Welsh, and - yes you've guessed it - I need to include the Welsh specific events.

I'll never be able to buy such a calendar but my solution is to make my own.

To make it fun I also include all the Welsh names for the days of the week & months.

Then I add family birthdays, other notable events like International Programmers Day, Naked Gardening Day etc.

Then if we have events / concerts already booked for the following year, I include them too.

After all the events have been figured out for the three countries, plus whatever other cultural / religious events such as Chinese New Year or Easter that I want to include I move on to the pictures.

For each month there is a main picture and the possibility for some smaller pictures for the squares on the calendar that don't have any dates. Each month will have a few of those.

The aim is to chose photos that were taken in the same month the previous year. For March 2020 I'll be picking photos that were taken during March 2019. This way as we switch the calendar to a new month we are presented with a memory from the previous year.

I have taken 2,956 photos in the last twelve months. After scanning through them I narrowed the selection down to 171 photos, grouped by month. Some months I have plenty to pick from some months we didn't do much and I have very few.

This year I have managed to fill the pages for Jan - Aug with four months plus the cover to go. When finished I'll have produced a new English / Welsh / British / American 2020 Wall Calendar.

Here's the front cover from the 2018 Calendar:



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