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Mowing Man

It's spring! Well, maybe not where you live, but here - in northern California - the trees are full of blossom and I have my first rose in the garden. Unlike previous years I didn't prune my roses this time. I thought about it, but by the time I got out into the garden with my pruners, they had already started budding. It may still have seen been OK to prune them back, but I am by no means an expert at this so I decided this year's new experiment was to not prune at the start of the year - I'll continue to prune them back throughout the year to stop them getting two wiery. Maybe this time I'll prune them in December.

As it's spring, it's time to mow the lawn. Or rather the time to mow the weeds. If you unfocus your eyes slightly all the green weeds look like grass anyway. I have some areas of grass but really it all needs digging up and returfing - or replacing with stones, something that I'm not really looking forward to especially as the priority is the kitchen, which I have been attempting to remodel for two years now. Finally, it happens this year or we sell the house and buy one with a better kitchen.

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